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MONDIG060: Vlind - Distorted Anger [CD Single]
MONDIG060: Vlind - Distorted Anger [CD Single]
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Monster Digital turns up the heat once again to unveil our latest secret weapon, entitled ‘Distorted Anger’. Vlind is a name that got us talking in the MT Office when we heard his recent track ‘Psykinetic’, and here we are a few months later with our very own Vlind beast!

‘Distorted Anger’ is a mother of a fierce production - Laced with acid synth lines, smacking kicks, boshing basslines and some neat FX trickery, this track is certainly one for the harder generation. Leftfield chopped up vocals a plenty line the path to the breakdown, which is loaded with glitchy tech elements, all coming to a head when the epic tech trance main hook lands!

Bish, bash, bosh!

1 : Vlind - Distorted Anger (Original Mix)
2 : Vlind - Distorted Anger (Radio Edit)

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